Recession Proof Career Opportunities!

Employment in the Health arena is a huge growth career area within Australia (top 5 growth areas) with a Government recognised skill shortage in this area.  Even during economic recession the Health Industry is an area known for it's ongoing stability and growth.  People will always need medical services;  and with an aging population - the security of ongoing and growing employment opportunities has never been more certain.

Therefore job opportunities are extremely positive for the medical receptionist student.   While no training provider can guarantee students a position at the end of a training course, opportunities for the medical receptionist student are excellent.   

The Wesley Medical Receptionist Training program is geared towards the student gaining employment.   Therefore, as part of our dynamic medical program we include an information-packed Careers Workshop.  Our workshop outlines where to find the great medical positions, how to apply for them and how to win them!  

Many Wesley students go on to find fulfilling and meaningful work in the medical industry and never look back.    In fact, there are always several student who gain employment before the end of the course ... and the reason they are successful is they often follow our po-active practical strategies for gaining employment and are often surprised at the tangible success they enjoy.

It is, of course,  these positive outcomes that motivates our team of dedicated teaching and consulting professionals at Wesley!   

Areas of employment include GP clinics, Specialist clinics, Hospitals and Allied Health Practices.

As a Recruitment Agency, Wesley do get approached with employment opportunities for our students.  However, by far the greatest success in our quest for our students to find fulfilling meaningful positions is found by following the strategies included in our Careers Workshop formulated after years of experience in the medical recruitment industry and working closely with leading industry bodies..   Wesley, being industry pioneers in medical administration training, are highly regarded and known in the medical space Australia wide, giving students the confidence their qualification is both accredited but also recognised in the market that counts.   In short - Wesley students get the great jobs!